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5 Reasons To Love and Copy Lauren Makk’s Fashion Style

Although Lauren Makk  focuses on interior design while co-hosting ABC tv’s FabLife, she also presents herself with a fierce, accessible fashion sense.  Copying her look is quite easy.  Here are some ways to do just that.

Lauren Has Awesome Yet Affordable Jewelry.


A simple strand of pearls not only finishes this textured outfit but also adds luster to Lauren’s face.

She Knows How to Look Comfy-Casual Without Being Sloppy.


The Oklahoma-native often wears a casual denim shirt with tailored, classic pieces like this leopard pencil skirt.

Her Casual Pieces Juxtapose with Her Sparkly Items.


Here the show-host contrasts a large buffalo print with cz-encrusted jewels for the perfect hi-low effect.

Lauren Rocks a Variety of Textures to Achieve a Rich Look.


Not only does her sequin top play off a buttery leather jacket but also her pearly-manicured long nails harmonize with dewy makeup and lustrous stilettos.

Her Perfect Beauty Looks are Foundations for Her Fashion.



From girly hairstyles to long nails and on-point makeup, Lauren doesn’t cut corners with her beauty routines which act as anchors for her fashion ensembles.




‘Scream Queens’ Jewelry Looks for Less

If you’re like me you can’t resist tuning into Scream Queens for the jewelry and style.  And most of the jewelry is easily accessible at under $20.  I’ve done the legwork finding where you can shop for these fabulous items whether you want to treat yourself or put them away for Christmas.

Chanel #2’s Sparkle Link Bracelet.

Chanel #2's

Zayday’s Oversized Blue Link Necklace.


Chanel Oberlin’s Pearl Bracelets.

Chanel Oberlin's

Chanel #6’s Cherry Necklace.

Chanel #6's