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5 Reasons To Love and Copy Lauren Makk’s Fashion Style

Although Lauren Makk  focuses on interior design while co-hosting ABC tv’s FabLife, she also presents herself with a fierce, accessible fashion sense.  Copying her look is quite easy.  Here are some ways to do just that.

Lauren Has Awesome Yet Affordable Jewelry.


A simple strand of pearls not only finishes this textured outfit but also adds luster to Lauren’s face.

She Knows How to Look Comfy-Casual Without Being Sloppy.


The Oklahoma-native often wears a casual denim shirt with tailored, classic pieces like this leopard pencil skirt.

Her Casual Pieces Juxtapose with Her Sparkly Items.


Here the show-host contrasts a large buffalo print with cz-encrusted jewels for the perfect hi-low effect.

Lauren Rocks a Variety of Textures to Achieve a Rich Look.


Not only does her sequin top play off a buttery leather jacket but also her pearly-manicured long nails harmonize with dewy makeup and lustrous stilettos.

Her Perfect Beauty Looks are Foundations for Her Fashion.



From girly hairstyles to long nails and on-point makeup, Lauren doesn’t cut corners with her beauty routines which act as anchors for her fashion ensembles.