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24 Hours of Gorgeous Hair on Instagram

Intricate buns.  Luxuriant curls.  Clever new styles.  These awesome hair looks have filled my Instagram feed over the past day.  Which style is your favorite?

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5 Beauty Essentials Every Girl Should Own Right Now [PHOTOS]

When I gave myself permission to buy these beauty staples, I wondered why I had waited so long.  Perhaps deep down I viewed them as luxuries or felt I wasn’t worth it.  Whatever the reason, don’t be like me.  You work hard and should reward yourself!

(A) Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Gel Salicylic Acid


I started wearing this nightly and my face feels like silk.  Officially, it claims to reduce redness, build collagen, unclog and diminish enlarged pores and exfoliate.  I can attest that it does all of these things well without irritation.

(B) Mally’s Perfect Prep Eye Gel


I can thank EmilyNoel83 on YouTube for recommending this way back when she was broadcasting the news.  It de-puffs your eyes like nobody’s business! As soon as my alarm goes off in the a.m., I apply this gel to both upper and lower lids to give it time to dry, then wash it off in the shower.  Marvelous and refreshing!

(C) Mason Pearson Hair Brush Handy Bristle B3 Dark Ruby


Several years ago I removed my hair extensions for good, stopped coloring my hair and started using no-heat styling tricks in an effort to have the most healthy hair of my life.  To reward myself for sticking to this regimen, I finally bought a Mason Pearson brush, something I’d wanted since childhood.  It’s fabulous! Eliminates static, enhances shine and creates natural fullness and body without teasing.  Is it worth the steep price? Definitely!

(D) 100% Genuine Silk Pillowcase


The very first time I bought a ‘silk’ pillowcase, I was duped into selecting a polyester fabric instead of the genuine article.  Don’t be misled.  I found this one from lovasilk.com where they carry 100% mulberry silk.  Using this prevents the dreaded sheet-wrinkled-face and sharply curtails hair static and split ends.

(E) Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush


My skepticism was quickly replaced by buyer satisfaction when I realized this toothbrush does exactly what it promises. Seriously reduces tartar and buildup plus keeps gums healthy.

DISCLAIMER:  The foregoing items were all purchased by this writer.  The author receives no remuneration in return for recommending these or any other products mentioned on this website.  The following links are provided as a courtesy.

If you’d like to purchase any of the items, here are the links.  (A) Paula’s Choice  http://goo.gl/IwCNAL  (B) Mally http://goo.gl/mGvCuC (C) Mason Pearson  http://goo.gl/B6Moy6  (D) Lovasilk http://goo.gl/zRghYs (E) Sonicare http://goo.gl/qZ83dV

Copy These 6 Hair and Makeup Secrets of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders [PHOTOS]

Sunday night football begins this weekend complete with halftime by the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  Two of the cheerleaders–Angela Rena of Australia and Sydney Durso–offer their tips and tricks for creating long-lasting Farrah Fawcett hair and glowing makeup.


Photo:  cmt.com

Use sulfate-free shampoo and always rinse your hair in cold water.


For natural-looking brows, first use a brow pencil that matches your current hair color.  Follow with an angled-brush dipped in your regular finishing face powder.  Sydney uses her daily Chanel pressed powder.


To avoid ringlets and achieve glam curls, vary the size of your hair-sections.  Angela uses larger portions below and above her head while reserving smaller sections in the middle.


To achieve HD perfection on the huge screen at Cowboys Stadium, Sydney recommends warming foundation on the back of her hand before stippling it into her pores with a dual-bristled makeup brush.


At the crown of her head, Angela sprays each section with dry shampoo to remove root-oil and guarantee more lift.  She cautions against rushing.  By curling before applying her makeup, each portion has a chance to cool and last through many performances of a four-hour game.


For a summery glow year-round, use a fluffy brush to dust your bronzer at the temples and under both your cheekbones and chin.

If you’d like more makeup and hair tips from Angela and Sydney, you’ll find them on this CMT video.