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How to Imitate the 9 Best Fashion Looks at BeautyCon

Although its focus is beauty and makeup, this weekend’s BeautyCon in NYC was complete with fabulous fashion.  Many outfits are easy to copy.  Here are some of my favorites.


A simple striped knit dress cinched with a black belt or scarf and finished with black tights make this combination pulled together and eye-catching.


You probably already have a black jacket, strappy sandals and the white crop top in this look.  A teal pencil skirt pops the ensemble so you might want to invest in one available here.  You could substitute a mustard or red straight skirt if you already own either of them.


Layered pendant necklaces are the focus of this combo.  They’re also handy to have on hand for the ’70’s vibe happening in fashion right now.


The theme of this outfit is white.  White lace top, white strappy sandals, white bag and white-washed jeans.  Again you probably have a majority of those items in your closet.


A white blazer over a black and white print dress and nude heels make the look on the right effortless.  An all-black ensemble is always a good idea and the attendee on the left edges it out with a leather jacket and bold silver statement necklace.


A red tribal print mini skirt like this makes this outfit come alive.  Again, you probably already own a short black leather jacket, black tights and black boots.


Army green is a must-have for this fall.  Here the attendee looks stylish, comfy and coordinated in a long-sleeve mock-neck crop top and pencil skirt seemingly in a knit fabric.


An unexpected color-combo of navy and dark brown combine to make this modern preppy look.  Off-white pants added to the ensemble.