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See Who Has the Most Creative Planner Dividers [SLIDESHOW]

If you are like me you love the current paper planner craze for a number of reasons.  One of those reasons propels you to overcome procrastination by viewing the creativity of those in the planner community.  And the community never ceases to amaze me at how it uses graphics, 3D elements and bright colors to give planner dividers the magic touch.  Here are some of the best dividers I’ve seen in the past month.  Be sure to share photos of yours in the comment section if you’d like them featured in a future post.

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The Season’s Maximalist Jewelry Trend: 15 Wearable Ideas Without Going OTT

Out with minimalism and in with maximalism when it comes to jewelry this fall.  As for metal, gold is now more popular than silver and black enamel is also important.  As for shapes, look for pyramids and triangles.  Here are some handy ideas on how-to-wear.



Photo:  @baublesociety_jewelry



Photo:  @baublebar



Photo:  @lawrenbagley available here



Photo:  @esther_bbswat



Photo:  @stella&dot



Photo:  @isabelle_bbswat



Photo:  @lofficielturkiye



Photo:  @staci_bbswat



Photo:  @thedoubletakegirls



Photo:  ‘Empire’ Season 2



Photo:  @styledbykesha



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Photo:  @Nordstrom



Photo:  @Vogue, Sept. Issue



Photo:  @lightinthebox