5 Gurus Who Inspire Me to Plan with Perfection [PHOTOS]

Today I sat down to plan the week ahead but encountered stale-brain and unmotivated lethargy.  Because I’m responsible not only for my schedule but also for my husband’s, I couldn’t afford to stay uninspired for long.  Enter these creative planners who helped me get back on track just by looking at their clever works of art.


Photo: @villabeautifful_creates

Gorgeous colors and positive words helped buoy my spirits.


Photo:  @paperheartofgold

The creamy luster of the pearls plus golden words and candlelight created peace and banished my pre-planning anxiety.


Photo:  @createwithbeth

The graphic design, black-and-white repeat-pattern, frame, generous use of white space and bold colors made me smile.


Photo:  @hautepinkfluff

Neon brightness of the Filofax Fluoro Pink always boosts my mood.  Juxtapose it against polka dots, plenty of bows and a hot pink tassel and I’m feeling that much happier!


Photo:  sheseclectic

Polka dots and bunting plus camel, brown and cream layer beautifully against this planner’s gorgeous handwriting.

Who inspires you in the planner community?


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